Acteiive is a research and development company that specializes in biotechnology, specifically in sustainable solutions for the manufacturing sector, as well as, intellectual property.

Our company & our mission

Acteiive Research & Development was established by members of Tokyo University of Science. Every since the corporation was launched on August 23, 2007, our focus was on developing new technologies.

Professor Masahiko Abe, Prof. Kengo Sakaguchi and Dr. Akira Sato are the core members of the University who also supervise developments of technology.

Our philosophy is that we will connect high-end technology directly to the customer & consumer. We are trying to make a new model of company in Japan that engineers can success in Japan. Our vision is to make our company ideal for the researchers to work for. Our approach is to launching consumer products which designed by our engineers to markets directly.

Our major fields are currently in Nano Vesicle, Production, Intellectual property.



Location : 2641 Yamazaki, Noda City, Chiba,

                Japan 278-8510

E-mail :     service@acteiive.jp

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